connector part# needed

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at
Mon Jun 18 22:59:57 EDT 2001

> Tony Lum wrote:
> >
> > Hi gang,
> >
> > Does anybody happen to know the part number of the non-insulated .250
> > female connector that's used in practically every connector
> shell?  These
> > are the same as normal insulated quick disconnects with the
> exception of a
> > little tab on the backside of the connector that locks the
> contact in the
> > shell.  I could use hundreds of these for fabricating electrical
> > stuff.  Tried the AMP catalogue, but none of their connectors
> have the tab.
> I once bought a 100 from Wurth but I used them all building nefarious
> harnesses for my coupe, and no longer seem to have the box end with part
> number.  Wurth seems to stock car repair places and auto specialty shops
> via a travelling rep system, but they will apparently sell to others on
> their route...

Try searching under FASTON in the AMP website.  You can start here and pick
the attributes you need.

Here is a link to one of the connectors as an

Wurth's website doesn't seem to have an online catalog available (I'm seem
to remember that they did, though) but here are some part numbers for them:

.250" Receptacles

9959	20-16g
9962	10-12g

.250" Tabs

9960	20-16g
5054	14-12g brass

The Wurth CD catalog I have definitely shows the locking tabs on the .250"
Tabs but I can't tell on the .250" Receptacles since the photo shows the
wrong side.  They also have the newer style connectors that VW/Audi is using
that are more like spring loaded fingers than the rolled over type.  I can
try and do a screen capture of the Wurth connectors and e-mail it to you if
you like.


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