Lifter replacement - '86 4kq

Brendan coolian at
Mon Jun 18 23:02:42 EDT 2001

You could give this place a try....I hear the webmaster's a really cool guy....

At 12:19 PM 6/18/01 -0700, Steve Arbaugh wrote:

>Sage List: I'm in need of advice and suggestions (again).
>One or two of the lifters in my 4kq are driving me nuts. I've tried the 
>flush and changes, trans fluid, even prayed to the lifter Gods under a full
>moon, but nothing keeps these things quiet. Actually, they are quiet most of
>the time, then when they feel like making noise, they do. Happens when 
>warm or
>cold, doesn't matter. The oil pressure has been verified to be good. There
>seems to be one primary offender, but occasionally two, that make the noise,
>but I'm at the point where I just wanna replace them all and get the thing to
>stop ticking. Is there some other elixer that I haven't tried that others 
>had luck with?
>How much of a job is this? Special tools required? What's the best way to 
>the new lifters? Who sells the lifters (guess I better ask that too)? Any
>BTDT's would be greatly appreciated.
>'86 4kcsq
>'86 5ktqw
>kent, wa

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