Badge Colors?

Per Lindgren lindgre at
Thu Jun 21 01:38:15 EDT 2001

The badges are originally black with chrome surface, but the chrome has
most probably been worn off. You should IMO paint them black. A
semigloss should be very nice on a silver car!

I had a Tornado red 84 4kq a few years ago (I still regret I sold it).
On that one I put the badges "Audi" on left of trunk,  and "quattro" on
right of trunk, both badges from the lid of an 89 100q. That was pretty
nice in my eyes.

92 Cabrio

StaticNiche_Quattro wrote:

> I have an 85 4kq.  It is Zermatt Silver.  What color are the bagdes on
> the trunk supposed to be?On all other cars ive seen the back badges
> were black with silver lettering, but none of these cars were
> silver.My bagdes are all black, the "4000" seems to have a trace of
> silver paint on it, but all the other badges either arent supposed to
> be painted or the paint has worn off.  Anyone know what it is supposed
> to look like?also, if some do need to be painted, any BTDTs who can
> recommend the best way to do this?  is there a certain kind of paint
> that will look nice and metallic like the original?Thanks for your
> time,-Dan R.

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