boost gauge nylon tubing

Oliver M. Llenado omllenado at
Thu Jun 21 00:48:54 EDT 2001

I believe the tubings provided by autometer with their vacuum/boost gauge is
a nylon tubing, I got my gauge from eBay without the tubings so I was
wondering if I can use rubber tubings instead,.... Btw why do you think audi
uses a fabric covered hose?, I replaced my wastegate hoses with rubber only
vacuum hoses that I got from autozone & an lpg hose for the lower wastegate
from napa store.

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> On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Oliver M. Llenado wrote:
> > just got my autometer sports comp 2 5/8" without the 6 feet nylon tubing
& bulbs/socket wiring.
> > can i use the rubber vacuum hoses from autozone instead of a nylon
> >tubing? or better yet can someone point me to a source for the nylon
> >tubings.
> Audi uses the fabric(not nylon) covered hoses; prohibitive at the dealer,
> but at some auto parts stores, cents on the foot.  Call around a few
> places.  In Boston/MA, Foreign Autopart carries the stuff for like $.10 a
> foot I think.  Someone should get Blau, Rod, or Mac to buy the stuff
> super-bulk...people would probably buy it since it's cheap and we're
> always having to replace the hoses.  Too bad nobody makes viton-like
> hoses.
> Brett

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