'90 200 a/c compressor $?

scott miller macatawa at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 21 20:06:10 EDT 2001

My moderately cool a/c has ceased, and loud rasping is coming from the 
compressor at idle, a/c on or off.  Me thinks it's shot.  I've gleaned some 
info from the archives, but can't find the tip about the rebuilder in 
Pontiac, MI.  Denso (formerly Nippondenso) has plants and distibution 
centers around Michigan, anyone have contacts or hints?  New baby in the 
house, so limited funds and time for research and repairs.  For now, I'll 
concentrate on getting my windows to go down so I can drive when the sun is 

Scott Miller
'90 200tqw
Holland, MI

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