boost gauge part 2...

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Thu Jun 21 17:47:47 EDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, jim rose wrote:

> hey all,
> thanks a go-zillion to all who helped with my first round of questions about
> my boost gauge install. my gauge readings were very much inline with
> everyone i spoke to (at similar altitudes, anyway :) which is rougly -12/14
> "vac @ idle (sea level) and about 6/7 psi at full boost. the digital gauge
> reads 1.2 as a max, though we all know theyre neither fast nor accurate.

Which is done intentionally.  Imagine how many complaints there would be
if the display bounced around :-)

  It's also not clear if the gauge rounds or truncates, which means that
a stabilized value has the potential of being at most just under a tenth
of a bar off.  I guarantee the ECU's value(which is what the display
ultimately uses) is neither slow, truncated, or inaccurate :-)


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