AC Troubleshooting continued...

griz griz at
Thu Jun 21 18:35:30 EDT 2001

What would be needed to make the 134a viable in an urq or 4kq?
Is the evaporator and or condensor too small?
I need A/C this summer in the 4kq to fight the 100+ temps.

David Head wrote:
> Any time the system is completely depressurized the receiver-dryer should be
> replaced. It holds a bag of dessicant that absorbs moisture from the system as the
> freon passes through. You have the possibility of the system icing up. The system
> should be evacuated and it should hold vacuum for at least an hour before adding
> the freon/oil (I prefer a couple hours). If you have to replace the compressor,
> you could consider going to 134 - but it won't cool as well in an R12 designed
> system. The 134 molecule is smaller and you will have an increased probability of
> leaks - 134 capable hoses have a plastic inside lining to reduce this, older R12
> hoses don't. Also, since 134 runs at a higher pressure, all of your other
> component (evap/cond/hoses) are more likely to develop leaks consistent with their
> age.

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