200 no fuel

Steve Jensen sjensen at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 21 23:28:08 EDT 2001

Sam said:
>  So then I cracked the fuel filter and
> gas rushes out with pump shorted, but not with the relay in or with a fuse
> in the top of the relay. Then suddenly vroom the car starts and now runs
> fine (yes I have tightened up the filter).Any advice out there as to what
> is/was wrong cos I'm not sure what I did to fix it.

Swap the fuel pump relay with a known good one, either you have a solder
joint failing in the relay or one of the connections under the fuse box to
the fuel pump relay is intermitent (I hate that word).

If the known good relay works then your FPR is gonzo, give it a Phil Payne
heave into the nearest body of water.

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq (spare FPR in glovebox)
87 5kcstqw (spare FPRs in glovebox and toolbox)

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