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I just shipped my 356 over to Geneve for some European touring. I too will be 
there from mid Sept for a month or two.
I have sent a request to Audi to visit their archives, shouldn't be any 
problem really.
Plan on going to the various museums, spending time in the South of France, 
doing a few Alpine passes, maybe a rally or two, the Goodwood Revival 
I should have some time to get together if you would like, my lady friend 
will probably try to kill me after a week or so anyway so I'd drop her back 
home and go on my merry way.
There are museums in Mougins, Turin, Mulhouse, and a few private collections. 
Gino Macalusso is there, he owns Girard-Perregaux (as opposed to a 
Girard-Perregaux) the watch makers, and has a nice collection. Prince 
Rainier's collection (Monaco) is usually open too.
Roy Salvadori lives in Monaco as does David Coulthard, who just opened the 
Columbus hotel there. Nino Vacarella lives in Sicily and is treated like the 
Deity he is.
Dominique, if she doesn't kill me, has a language school and could "ease the 
if language is a problem.
I would recommend a book called "Great Motor Highways of the Alps" by Hugh 
Merrick (1959) and "Motoring Abroad" by Rodney Walkerley (1950) to get a 
flavour of the period and area. "La Dolce Vida" and "To Catch a Thief" are 
good movies as is "Ronin."
My interest is in the period from 1933 to 1962 so that's where I am 
concentrating my efforts for travelling. I managed to scam a book deal and a 
few articles to help offset the expenses. The thought of actually using my 
own money was so repulsive that I reduced myself to the indignities of 
gainful employment.
I know many people "over there" and if they are not in prison or a mental 
hospital at the time they would more than happy to show us around.

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