NAC-Europe trip-Destination Suggestions

Michael Dewar - Sun Scotland Mike.Dewar at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 22 12:03:41 EDT 2001

You should definitely consider the other Audi factory in Neckarsulm and
the Nurburgring race track - 13 miles of driving heaven.


> Hello all!
> I know many of you have traveled through Europe, and
> many live there, and I was looking for some
> interesting stops I should make. Specifically
> automotive related!!! I know I should see Inglostadt,
> but what other factories (Stuttgart, Wolfsburg etc)
> are worth the trip. Any old race circuits or anything
> that you feel I should really see! I'll be all over
> Europe for about 3 months, and have no agenda at this
> point. I'm just now starting the planning of it all. I
> have a friend that will be living in
> Camarthen,Wales(where I'll be staying when I need to
> get off the road for a while) and another in Pau,
> France. I'll be there from about the second week of
> September (just in time for Oktoberfest!) until the
> middle of December. Thanks and sorry for the waste of
> bandwidth!!! Anything non-auto related is fine too!
> Steve

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