A/C Config. question

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Thanks for the info.  I think I have the refridg. that I wanted, which may
not be enough.  I chose to put in the 34 oz that is specc'd in the Bentley
for the 4000 as my Sport Q is essentially a 4000 vent system.

I may have connected the high/low pressure switch back to front. That is the
connectors on the low are on the high and vice versa.  What worries me is
the effect of trial and error, if I swap them over.  But your comment leads
me to believe that the system is seeing "low pressure" and only working on
the recirc function just because the connectors are wrong.  But that would
impute that if I swapped the connectors, the live would be on the high end
indicating too much pressure?  Right?

Also, isn't the recirc function just a flap that only admits internal cabin
air and has no effect on the compressor cycle?

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> At 11:25 AM 6/21/2001, you wrote:
> >I have an unusual A/C installation that is not covered in any of the
> >docs.  For one thing it has a Sanden Compressor.  But here is my
> >the high/low pressure switch is mounted on the dryer.  Neither of the
> >terminals are marked. The switch is a small 1" X 1" aluminum cylinder
with a
> >pair of two spade connectors mounted on the top of the cylinder and the
> >entire cylinder screws into the top of the dryer.
> >
> >Does anyone have a similar installation?  Any idea what could happen if I
> >switched the connectors?  At the moment the A/C only produces cold air
> >in recirc mode.  I think it might be a wiring problem behind the dash,
> >want to be sure that its not influenced by these unlabeled connectors?
> >
> >Colin
> Although I don't have your AC configuration, the low pressure switch is a
> simple on/off SPST contact. It doesn't matter where the wires are
> to regarding the two spades.
> If cool air only gets blown in recirc, then the system is low on
> refrigerant, Only the initial portions of the evaporator is getting cold.
> Hot outside air consumes this minute cooling capacity.
> Also, low refrigerant levels usually cause the compressor to cycle on/off.
> Best to put a set of gauges on the system and check. A system must have
> correct amount of refrigerant to work properly. Too much or too little
> reduce the cooling effect.
> Will
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