Female terminal connectors

Phil Payne phil at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jun 23 12:34:57 EDT 2001

> > > >Does anybody happen to know the part number of the non-insulated .250
> > > >female connector that's used in practically every connector shell?
> >
> > 111 971 941?
> VW/Audi no longer sell individual terminals in the US.  They only sell them
> pre-crimped to a length of Huw's favorite color wire.
They try that here because that's the first thing they find in the electrical catalogue on ETKA.  You have to steer them to the naked connectors.  Have you tried just using the number?  There's a minimum order quantity here, but I think it's only 50 - a lot cheaper than buying hte kit.  I'll see if I can find them loose in Germany.

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