HELP - Weird Clutch

Fred Munro munrof at
Sat Jun 23 21:38:01 EDT 2001

Hi Rob;

Your symptoms are typical of a bad clutch master and/or slave cylinder. If
the pedal stays on the floor, you can sometimes restore it to action by
pulling it up with your foot. Check your brake fluid level - on the older
cars it also feeds the clutch master, don't know about the A4.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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> I recently purchased a 97 A4q, which came with an undisclosed clutch
>  The vehicle has 84,000 miles on it, so I guess that it is to be expected
> that some problems may begin to appear.  However, this one is weird, at
> to me.  I'm guessing that the hydraulic clutch is reasonably similar to
> Audi clutches, so I'm hoping that someone may have experienced a similar
> problem.
> Very shortly after I got the car, while I was doing some minor "new car
> testing" in the driveway, I depressed the clutch pedal and  the pedal went
> the floor without disengaging the clutch, AND the pedal did not return
> released.  I spent a couple of minutes unsuccessfully trying to figure out
> what was going on, then went on with some other chores.  When my brother
> returned a short while later, he looked at the clutch and it was working
> fine.
> A week later I was returning to LA on the interstate (I had been in fifth
> gear and had not used the clutch for the previous couple of hours) when I
> came to a traffic jam, in Las Vegas, and depressed the clutch pedal.  The
> clutch failure occurred again, except this time the problem did not self
> correct.  I managed to get the transmission into neutral and coast off of
> interstate.  After a couple of hours, I gave up in my hope that the
> would self correct, and drove home to LA sans clutch.  Luckily I only had
> go through the exercise of starting the car with first gear engaged, then
> matching engine speed to car speed so I could shift to third then fifth
> gears, three times to get home.
> The clutch pedal was still not working the next day.  I went out of town
> following week, and when I returned and took another look at the problem,
> guessed it, the clutch pedal was working fine.
> What in the world is happening?  By the way, I don't do drugs.
> Rob Greger
> 88 80q, 93 90CS, 97 A4q

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