Q-list stickers

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sat Jun 23 23:14:20 EDT 2001

"Lee M. Levitt" wrote:
> Huw Powell <audi at mediaone.net> writes:
> >
> > ODIE wrote:
> > >
> > > Robert,
> > > Do you mind if I create a new q-list sticker?????
> >
> > that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?  ie, recognizability...
> >
> > other than that, of course, anyone can do anything they want - it's a
> > (pretend) free world, right?
> There is the minor issue of brand and copyright, both of which belong to
> Dan.
> Lee

I don't that would even apply much.  anyone can print a url anywhere,
and if the logo is different there sure is no chance of confusion (and
it would be original artwork).  The bigger trademark issue is the one we
are always trying to stay out of trouble with, the one owned by the
company that makes our cars!

Anyway, I still think the idea of a "different" sticker is a little

But how about just painting 

"The Quattro List:

in six inch high yellow letters on the side of my car?  Hmmm, the paint
might actually have time to dry by tomorrow at Mt Washington... BIG GRIN

Huw Powell



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