Disabling 5kq Headlamp warning

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Sat Jun 23 23:16:23 EDT 2001

Todd Phenneger wrote:
> Subject says it,
>   I'm looking in the archives.  I'll keep looking.  But
> basically , when you relay the headlamps on the 5kq the warning
> light will come on.  Now if memory serves, to disable it you can
> either
>  A) run a jumper wire on the relay for the Auto Check system.
> WHich relay and which terminals do you jumper.  And I believe
> this would disable the remaining auto check features for the
> lamps.  Also, IF you go this route do you leave the relay in and
> jumper terminals or JUST jumper the terminals and remove the
> relay.

this has been covered on Mockry's site, Chris Millers site, and on mine
under type 89 eurolights (same system).

I removed the relay, some alter it.  Same net result.

>  B) Put a resistor inline with the wire the powers the relay or
> something.  But this has to go through to ground so do you have
> to then short this to ground through a resistor???  Dont quite
> get this one but have heard about it.

nah, waste of time.  

to keep the system, as documented on someone's site, you run your
relayed power back thru the autocheck unit so it can compare currents.

Huw Powell



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