Disabling 5kq Headlamp warning

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sun Jun 24 08:52:23 EDT 2001

If you want to look it up in the archives, do a Google search for: < 
Keeper: Defeating Headlight Warning  >  by Al Powell, who used Igor 
Kessel's information regarding the relay identification and alteration.

Or ask, and I'll send it to you in an e-mail attachment.

At 06:57 PM 06/23/2001 -0700, Todd Phenneger wrote:

>Subject says it,
>   I'm looking in the archives.  I'll keep looking.  But
>basically , when you relay the headlamps on the 5kq the warning
>light will come on.  Now if memory serves, to disable it you can
>  A) run a jumper wire on the relay for the Auto Check system.
>WHich relay and which terminals do you jumper.  And I believe
>this would disable the remaining auto check features for the
>lamps.  Also, IF you go this route do you leave the relay in and
>jumper terminals or JUST jumper the terminals and remove the
>  B) Put a resistor inline with the wire the powers the relay or
>something.  But this has to go through to ground so do you have
>to then short this to ground through a resistor???  Dont quite
>get this one but have heard about it.
>   Todd
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