4kq tranny removal question - more :-)

Derek quattro at telocity.com
Sun Jun 24 09:12:09 EDT 2001

> so, only interested in btdt's of course, anyone have any brilliant
> memories of how to destroy the remnants (outer race) of the pilot
> bearing so the job can proceed?

I used a cutoff disc in a dremel tool.  Cuts were made 180 degrees apart.
Careful not to gouge the crank too badly.  The cuts did not go all the way
through, but were enough to weaken the bearing remains.  I then hit it with
a mallet and sharp pointy tool until it broke in half and fell out.  Not a
plesant way to do it, but it worked.

A similar approach can be taken to remove the inner bearing race from wheel

Hope this helps.

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