speedo disassembling: need help!

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Sun Jun 24 10:48:06 EDT 2001

At 11:32 AM 6/23/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>No, I am not stupid. I just need to read what I have typed befor I send 
>it.  It is
>about "fuel tahometer".
>My concern is that if I need to take off that big board from the assembly 
>then I have
>to remve some jumpers and maybe something else. Jumpers are special in the 
>way that
>they have wire hooks at the bottom to grab the board.  I did not know 
>about that and
>when I pulled one I was scared that I broke something.
>  I am not sure that part I should remove and what parts can be removed 
> w/o damaging
>the cluster.
>I will appreciate your help.
>Konstantin Bogach.

It looks intimidating, but it turned out easier than I though.  I removed 
the hinged white plastic rear piece, then all of the hex cap screws on the 
board.  The board will then pull away from the plastic base.  The 
speedometer unplugs from the front as does the tachometer.  You then 
resolder the 4 light green molex connectors on the pc board assembly.  I 
used the desoldering equipment at work to ensure very good connections, but 
you can do just as well with a small soldering iron and desoldering 
braid.  Just to be sure I had solid joints, I used a illuminated magnifying 
inspection scope, but a hand magnifying lens will suffice.  Be careful not 
to let any solder fall into the connector hole.  Once desoldered, the molex 
contacts flex easily so try to press them down with a screwdriver or needle 
nose pliers.  I noticed that the square pins of the speedometer appeared to 
have some oxidation where they contact the molex connector, so I scraped 
them with the back of an Xacto blade knife and sprayed some DeOxit5 on 
them.  Having replaced the pc board assembly back onto the plastic base, I 
took the speedometer and inserted  back into the contact holes and slid the 
speedo up and down several times.  I then reassembled the whole cluster and 
put IC back into the car.  The speedometer is now solid as a rock and the 
cruise control now works as it should.


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