'87 4kcsq starter question and head gasket question

Clint F. stungun68 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 25 05:34:43 EDT 2001

The rebuilt Bosch starter is the same for both, so  I'd imagine it will work 
(SR 10X).
Are the fans not working why the first gasket blew?
Pull the connector off the radiator, and jump the connectors together, the 
fan should come on.  If you have a three wire switch, jumper them two at a 
time to each other, one is hot, the others for high and low speed. Ten 
minutes doesn't sound long enough for the fans to come on yet anyway.
I've done gaskets where the car would blow white smoke for half an hour of 
running, and another fifteen minutes of driving before it quit.  If you are 
sure your cooling system is ok, and the gasket job done correctly, give it 
10 minutes of driving, it should start to clear up by then.
Get a new O2 sensor, yours is junk. Wait till the exhaust is clean to change 
it.  Antifreeze ruins them, as well as silicon based gasket in a tube.

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