buying my 4th Audi!!!!!!!! 86 4000s 20v!!!!!

Donald Lamond dlam119 at
Mon Jun 25 01:48:55 EDT 2001

If you get no comments to your inquiry: have a look at what you  sent
to Audifans, and include the color!

MFZERO at wrote:

> Between now and next week I will be picking up an 86 4ksq to add to my
> 85ksq
> and 87 4kcsq. The other fourth one is resting in a junkyard in
> plaistow. But
> the new one is coming from a family's friend's coworker. It has a 20v
> motor
> from a 1990 90cq. I've been looking all over for good ideas and add-on
> parts
> for it. If anyone is going to have good plans or ideas for a car like
> this,
> it has to be the listers here. As of now the car has a manifold back
> (no cat
> or res) to a hi-flow muffler to big tailpipe for an exhaust. I would
> like to
> go scorpion or stebro but I'm not sure which exhaust to buy. Or
> actually
> which car to buy the exhaust for. Will the 4kcsq exhaust bolt to the
> new
> motor?? Will a 90q (sedan or coupe) exhaust for the 4k??? Can I get a
> header
> for the car at all?? would a 4ksq fit it and work/be worth the time to
> put it
> on???
> _mike flanagan_
> 85 4ksq =106k
> 87 4kcsq = 231k
> 86 4ks 20v = I cant remember right now (soon to be mine!!!)

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