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> Samir's comments about the "Always Something Avant" picqued my interest,
> I have a 1989 Audi 200 Avant, with 128,000 miles on it and it is for sale.
> The only reason that it is for sale, is that my SO needs her own car soon,
> and cannot drive a stick, so we are shopping for something to replace the
> 200 Avant, that will duplicate what it does or nearly so.
> The trouble that we will have is that whatever we end up with will be a
> stretch....few vehicles can duplicate what my 200 Avant has done in the 3
> plus years and 67000 miles that I have had it:
> 1.  Starts and goes in ANY weather at any time.
> 2.  Is comfortable and quiet, with excellent fuel mileage.
> 3.  Carries prodigious loads for my purposes....ten bags of rock salt, for
> instance....if you can get it inside, it will work.
> 4.  cleans up really well after a dash through eastern Maine mud
> ....oh, I could go on an on.....
> Oh, yeah.  How about cost?  Well, I have EVERY work order ever written on
> the car including the first owner who had it serviced BY THE BOOK plus, at
> the original selling dealer.
> My Audi Avant had 61XXX miles on it when I bought it.  Now, with 128,XXX
> the clock, I figured that the cost per mile for operation of the car,
> resulting from repairs, INCLUDING the transmission and clutch which was
> done, was around 8.6 cents per mile.  I didn't add in the cost of fuel,
> insurance, taxes or tires, because I would have those costs for any
> Nor did I include the purchase price less the return from selling it,
> because I dont' know what the final selling net will be, and it is really
> moot point anyway, since I would have had to have some car anyway.
> Now, there is probably some vehicle out there that will do what my Audi
> Avant has done for less cost, but I doubt that it will be available for
> $11,000, which is what I paid for mine, and will be as comfortable and
> capable as mine was and continues to be.  I live in a really harsh place
> be a car...coastal northeastern Maine...and before I buy another "duty"
> vehicle, I will look long and hard, because if it doesn't do everything as
> well as my Audi 200 has done, I will be VERY cranky!
> Roger

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