Fender rolling on the Big Red Bus

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Mon Jun 25 09:12:02 EDT 2001

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 I need to 'roll' the fenders on the back of the Bus to accomodate 215 tyres 
on 7 1/2J rims.
 (This is the 1990 non/flared arch.)
 Any tips, BTDTs?

I just did this on the GT, and it worked pretty well, although I wouldn't 
expect the paint to stay.  We lowered the car with 225/50/15's on in off the 
jack, and pushed it forward while a friend rolled and pulled a jackhandle 
back and forth.  The other way that I've seen is to take  the wheel off, grab 
a bag of shot or sand, and with a metal working hammer on the inside, shot on 
the outside, hammer it out.  Both ways, you'll lose paint.  I've seen people 
tape the paint before, but inevitably it cracks.  It seemed to work really 
well on the GT - unfortunatly, I wasn't able to run the 225's on the car, as 
no amount of fender rolling moves the tie rod ends, we found out :-)

Time for spacers (and more rolling....), thank god I'm getting SQ flares.
Carter J
Kwattro at aol.com

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