Needed: 90q20v

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at
Mon Jun 25 09:51:49 EDT 2001

    Well I think the best option is to get myself a 90q20v.  it's got some
get up and go without any turbo mods, though the power band is a little
ridiculous.  My poor 80t was almost as fast as Dan's 90q20v, which is quick
enough for me.  If I really get the itch I can grab that 20v turbo from my
mum's car this winter, rebuild it, and slam that into the 90q.

    I am looking for a 90q20v with lower mileage, 50-100k miles, very good
inside and out, no rust, of course a good working motor, no oil smokers
please.  I don't really care about leather, but it'd be nice to have a clean
interior with no tears, rips, or stains.  Modified 90q20v's are also a
possibility, though I have lots of toys to put on the car from the old 80t.

    Give me a buzz if you have a nice 90q20v to sell SOON.  I need to get me
some wheels...


Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 80t

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