Farwell to the 80t

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 25 21:17:13 EDT 2001

Terrible news, Alexander, after all of your hard work. Thankfully you got
out in time. Sounds like both you and Dan kept your cool and handled the
situation well.
Sounds like a major fuel leak for sure - maybe the dreaded S4 Torch Syndrome
where the joint between the braided fuel line and the hard line fails near
the turbo. These failures are extending into the A6 models now - apparently
it is a problem as the lines age.
Interesting comment on the car sounding like it had no exhaust - did the
exhaust manifold crack or the turbo come adrift? Hot exhaust from a leak may
have baked a fuel line. Let us know what you find - this is always a danger
with turbo cars when fuel lines run near the turbo.

Again, so sorry for the loss of your car, but you are here to build another
and entertain and enlighten us while you do it!

Fred Munro
'94 S4 (this reminds me, I must get in for the fuel line recall)

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>     Well after a great day at MtW the worst possible ending happened.
> driving back following Dan Simoes my car burst into flames.  While pushing
> 100mph behind Dan I started to smell gasoline and the turbo started
> like a vacuum cleaner.  I turned the radio off and listened carefully,
> got worse, turbo sounded very wizzy.  I flashed Dan to pull off at the
> exit.  When I pulled next to him I put the window down and smelled lots of
> gas, plus the engine sounded like it had no exhaust.  I pulled up to a
> little median and immediately shut the engine off.  The second I shut the
> engine down the passenger's side of the hood blew up and black smoke
> starting billowing out of everywhere.  I grabbed whatever I could and
> it out of the car onto the median.  Dan grabbed his little fire
> and dowsed some flames, but to no avail, it got hotter.  Flames started
> out from the hood and the paint started turning black.  Luckily a nice
> retired fireman probably, ran out of his pickup with a huge extinguisher
> killed the fire after I popped the hood for him.
>     Everything rubber in the engine bay melted, absolutely the worst smell
> ever.  Two of the four fuel lines were broken at the metering head, where
> the hard line meets the braided line.  When the problems started all
> read normally, high oil pressure, low oil temp, low coolant temp, high
> boost, and 100mph on the speedo.  Thanks to the man with the big
> extinguisher the rest if the car was saved, brakes, rims, times,
> and probably the engine itself, just nothing rubber around it.  I'm glad
> alive first off, secondly I'm glad Dan was there to help, thank you!
>     I had the car towed back to Double Z motors in NY and left a note on
> $350 tow job and my mum couldn't find the entrance to the shop, so I
> for 2 hours in my burnt out 80, very sad.  I figure I'll salvage
> possible, new pistons, rebuilt head, turbo, and all that if possible.  I
> think this time around I'll be getting a quattro, but my frantic mother
> insisted I get a new car and not touch it, blaming me for the fire, what
> mothers for?  I may have parts for sale or not, but I hope to pick up a
> 90q20v and slap on my bits, not the turbo though...
>     If anyone has a clue as to why this happened please explain.  The fuel
> lines I used were the stock lines and I had the metal pipes bent up
> to clear the intake tract, but never bent or molested the part where the
> hard line meets the braided line.  Plus why would the turbo sound very
> if a gas leak occurred?  My A/F gauge read that the mixture was fine?  I
> wonder if the turbo seized, but the oil temps where 80C when this happened
> and oil pressure at 5bar.  I'll be doing an autopsy as soon as possible,
> the turbo seized then I have some serious beef with guys who rebuilt it,
> I can't see how that would cause a fire unless the turbo got so hot it
> started to burn things, but I'd figure the oil temps to be mighty high if
> that happened.  What a horrid night...
> Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 80t (crispy engine and stinky interior)  :-(
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