problems with Blau's Delrin bushings..

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Mon Jun 25 21:24:38 EDT 2001

> I had the unpleasant experience of installing some of Blau's Delrin control
> arm bushings
> on my dad's 95 90 quattro... taking the control arms off was a breeze as
> well as removing and reinstalling the new bushings..
> the hard part came when i tried to put the control arms back on...

Here's my *me too*.  When installing the new control arms in the rear I had 
to use a VISE to get the damn things back in.  The fronts went in hard too.. 
but much easier than the rears.  I attributed it to beating up on them when 
removing the old bushings.  Maybe the dimensions of the delrin bushing are 
slightly different causing the difficulty of installation?


87 4ktq (w/delrin bushings )
88 90q (w/separated rubber bushings...)

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