Fwd: Re: problems with Blau's Delrin bushings..

Richard J. Andrews tech at flashmail.com
Tue Jun 26 01:40:56 EDT 2001

hey, could you post that on the list for me, I know I forgot to add the 
address. Just want to let everyone know how much love I feel for Blau.

sure... here it is...
BTW, the bushings came on the first week for me.

Clint's post:

>Monday- see bushings on Blau's website, call...no answer
>Tue. call Blau, ask about shop/dealer discounts, wait for fax
>Thur. call back, wait for fax
>Fri. get fax that night.
>next week
>monday fill out and return fax
>tue.  talk to Blau, everything ok, decide to order online to get extra 2% 
>discount, after verifying parts are in stock, plenty of time to get by friday.
>thurs. no bushings
>fri.  call Blau, oh yes, we just got your order last night...wait, i 
>placed it online tue @ 10am, just after talking to someone about them, 
>Don't you read your email?.......yes, i don't know why it took so long, we 
>do that every night. By the way, your bushings are on backorder, we should 
>have them in two weeks.......
>third week
>fourth week
>mon.   call blau, i need the bushings sent overnight when they come in
>fri.  blau calls me, says bushings are on the way
>fifth week
>tue.  get bushings, install them
>saturday   drive 1000 miles over the weekend
>sixth week
>monday.  boss says blau called, something wrong with my bushings
>tue.    call blau, bushings were made wrong, may be tight....ok, they are 
>already in and have 1200 miles on them.......they were supposed to fit by hand?
>moral of the story?
>I could have decided not the buy from blau, save 10 cocos and purchased 
>from TAP, probably save the 25 in overnight too. Bet I wouldn't have had 
>to delay the trip three weeks either.
>call my buddy now that I have exact measurements and have him make them at 
>the plastics tooling plant he works at.
>Hmmmmmm........decisions, decisions
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