Marine hardware for Audis

Donald Lamond dlam119 at
Wed Jun 27 22:53:00 EDT 2001

Alan: Awhile back I worked at a Marine supply store and read US Coast
Guard reports that blamed the ordinary screw type hose clamps with
causing the sinking of various craft, most notibly, small fishing craft.

The cause was attributed to the through cut of the worm gear hose clamp
which would in time, due to the vibration, cut through the hose. I'm at
a loss to explain this. The best I could do is to try and pitchure the
small sharp openings of the clamp rubbing aginst the hose under constant
vibration.  Similar to sawing away at a tomato or a piece of wood for
that matter.

The result is a frayed bit of hose and whatever it is carrying blowing
all over the place, filling the bilges and holds,and causing all hands
to take to the rafts and,or life boats.

On a car, ah well; call triple A.  Might even have to walk a quarter

The remedy; I believe it's Swedish, but could be Norski or Dansker.
They have developed a hose clamp that is not cut all the way through and
has a rolled edge to alleviate the aforementioned cutting problems.

I have seen this hose clamp, along with a spring mounted tool for
applying torque (so as not to overtighten ) at Sandwich Ship Supply in
Sandwich, Mass.  I'm sure this clamp is available, at least in the
Boston area, at places like James Bliss.

I have no connection to SSS, Sandwich Ship Supply, and  it would be
advisable not to use my name as any sort of reference there.  Like
raising the hackel on the back of ones neck ...Theirs, not mine.

To put this matter to rest, a better hose clamp is available that is
engineered to do a much better job than the over the counter variety
from the local auto supply discount store.

Anyone know how to say, " end of story,in Italian?"
I envision learning Italian would be like getting the Audi, "...just
where I want it to be"

Maybe i'll call Tom and Ray this weekend, they'll know!

All the Best,
84   4Ks

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