H&R's Or Eibach's ???

ODIE odeydog888 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 27 00:09:54 EDT 2001

H&R's have been better to me than Eibach's
H&R's have never started to loose there stiffness or sag after a couple of
I've had them on my GTI for 4 years and thay feel like there a month old

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Subject: H&R's Or Eibach's ???

> Yes its time for suspension for my 1987 4000 cs quattro. I Am going with
> Bilstien sports for sure. But springs are undecided. If anyone has an
> oppinion I would love to hear. I am also interested in any and all stuff
> relating to modifying 4000 quattros. Also while I am at it anyone have a
> of cool 17in wheels that would fit my 4kq?
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