s4/s6 purchase - need to sell the lotus first

Samir Shah gofast1 at home.com
Thu Jun 28 07:59:28 EDT 2001

Guys and gals - if you know anyone thats looking for a convertible 
sportscar (ie a Honda s2000, MR2, Z3, Boxster or TT candidate), could you 
ask them to consider my lotus elan? Its close to bulletproof reliable, and 
is quicker to go from point A to B than any other car on the road save a 
911 c4 turbo. And it draws more looks and comments than any other car out 
there. And its looks are still fresh, in spite of being a 10+yr design, 
suggesting it will not date.

Details available at:


I can't buy the s4 or used s6 till the Elan finds a new home.

Thanks for your help. Samir.

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