Ed Romney (Injured driver Mt wash) : Update

joel nevin joelnevin at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 07:14:42 EDT 2001

Hi All,
This is a post I got from [Arthur Heath]the NEHA(New
England Hill Climb Assoc) List
I cut and pasted it.
I don't know him or Ed personally, but thought some of
you on the list might like the info/update:

"Ed goes in for surgery on his hand tomorrow
(thur) he has pneumonia from breathing the fumes from
the fire and the heat
down home is not helping , but he will be fine in time
and says he "will
return to racing " !!!! as to the hillclimb well time
will tell .... the
person i talked to ( i missed the name said she was
normaly with ed at the
hill ) would like to thank all the workers and would
like the name and addy
of the workers that helped ed at the hill ???
cards, e-mail and phone calls are welcomed (i would
think a lot of phone
calls would be tiring ) address are as follows"

Ed Romney
559 Race Path Church Rd

828 453 8986

edspalletworld at aol.com

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