HELP! Anybody who knows how gauges work!

Orin Eman orin at
Thu Jun 28 12:36:41 EDT 2001

> >I disassembled instrument cluster(IC), cleaned all contacts, used 
> >deoxIT and ProGold
> Be carefull with the contact enhancer in the IC. There are some very
> small signals in it that could be persuaded to take the wrong route
> with too liberal an application. I would clean most of it off, make
> sure there is none between pins, sockets and tracks. The only bad
> connections I had in mine were the 4 pins to the speedo itself.

Why don't you take an ohm meter to that contact enhancer and see
if you can get any reading other than inifinity at a typical pin to
pin distance.  See how close you have to get before you can get
any reading at all.

You'll have a bigger problem with the board getting condensation
on it than contact enhancers.


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