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Thu Jun 28 11:13:34 EDT 2001

  The 85 4ks;  does it still have its IC? (or more importantly just the
  Also, I dont suppose it would still have a wheel or two would it?

-Dan (NC Lister #3?)
'85 4kq

> Wow, NC listers!
> I am in Ayden, near Greenville.  If any of you guys spot a Coupe with good
> doors in a junkyard, give me a shout.
> In the junkyard up the street from me:
> 85 4ks Very good body (dark blue, intact front
> grille/lights/bumper/fenders/hood, intact rear bumper, front and back both
> including alum brightwork,) bad engine (head in trunk) and I already took
> most of the wiring.
> 84 5k Also pretty good body, engine still intact so I can't immediately
> what's wrong with it.
> Are you the one who asked about the grille in the 84?  I happen to have a
> spare center section for my 82 Coupe, and two headlight bezels (no dents,
> but paint flaking off.)
> George Selby
> 70 F-100 Ranger XLT 400 C6
> 78 F-150 4x4 400 4 spd
> 83 Audi Coupe GT
> 86 Nissan 300ZX
> 92 Subaru Legacy Wagon AWD
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