German cars in Germany - impressions

Phil Payne phil at
Sat Jun 30 08:18:06 EDT 2001

Subject: German cars in Germany - impressions

> Based on a limited amount of driving (maybe 800 km) in Germany
> over the last couple of weeks and some rough and ready statistical
> messing around, my wife and I were somewhat disappointed in
> Audi's representation on the roadways. While cruising at a slow
> 140 to 150 km/h in the right lane, we tallied the marques of cars
> going past in the left lane. Ratios for only Audi, BMW and Mercedes:
> for each Audi there were 2 BMWs and 4 Mercedes. In general,
> the real Autobahn Stormers, those cars flying past carrying significant
> speed where primarily big Mercedes and frequently BMWs. Otherwise,
> they were Porsches or an exotic with an occasional "other." I had
> expected to see S4s and such screaming past but no. Fast Audis
> were hard to spot in the Fatherland. Also we saw many more Audis,
> proportionately, out in the boondocks and villages than in the big
> cities. All in all, it was a letdown for me.

Well, I live here and this is almost the opposite of my impression.  The Big Red Bus lives out in the left lane (it cheerfully reaches 240 kph) and I'm usually surrounded by Audis, more ovloVs than you'd expect, and Mercedes.  The big surprise to me was the number of Audi A4 TDI Avants that compete in the upper speed classes.  Fast BMWs are relatively rare.  Porsches behave oddly at high speeds - they trounce everything on the road and then slow down to disappear in the rear view mirror. 

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