Puff (the Magic Wagon) for sale

Phil Payne phil at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 10:30:57 EDT 2001

The Big Red Bus is up for sale.

The main reason is that I'm now spending most of my time in Germany.  It's a little awkward having to clamber out to reach parking ticket machines and the key-operated doors on the company garage, but the main reason is its lack of a cat.

It's a 1990 car originally equipped with a cat, but this was removed at some point (not by me) and replaced with a straight-through pipe.  It's legal in the UK because cats are first required in cars registered on or after 1 September 1991 - but if I try to get it registered in Germany the TUeV are going to insist on a cat being fitted.

Those with the Family Album can look up 443 131 701SV and note there isn't a simple sales price - the assumption is that you're exchanging. Hah.  I have got a true sales price from a local dealer.  Not hah.

So around the end of August I shall be back in the UK and will leave the Bus behind.

1990 Audi 100 turbo quattro Avant.  MC-2 engine - nominally 165bhp but lifted to about 240bhp via a Scott Mockry ECU and a metering head rebuilt by KMI to +10%.  Will reach indicated 150mph.  Underneath, apart from the trailing arms on the rear suspension, it's an MB ur-quattro.  Torsen differential, the lot.

Front suspension rebuilt with new shocks.  Rear suspension rebushed.  Two-part manifold fitted.  Lots of cash spent in the engine bay - new coolant pump, etc.

Red (several shades of - it ain't pretty) with grey velour interior.  Comes up reasonably nicely for a shitheap, but quite badly stained (engine oil, from mechanicing) in the load bay.  Load bay cover. 

Currently on 7 1/2" rims, 225 tyres.  Will have nearly new 225 BFGs when sold.

Recorded mileage is 140k.  Hah!  It's certainly done at least 40k more than that.

Towbar, both plug types.

Excellent alarm/immobiliser.  Aircon, converted to 134a.

This is one of the 'handful' of cars (between 7 and 19, though some say 5) imported with 200 equipment in the 1990 model year to fill orders taken during 1989 - Audi canned the 200 in 1990 to protect the V8 but had to fulfill these legal commitments.

Some spares - a spare chipped ECU and spring, odd projects in hand (the hardware and harness for cruise control is fitted - an unfinished project) and some odds and sods.

It doesn't look impressive on the drive, and it won't pull many birds.  But it shifts and will lug anything.

It's been owned by one company and three private individuals.  All three of the latter are or have been members of the UK Audi quattro Owners Club.

 Phil Payne
 +44 7785 302803

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