A/C Systems - 4000 series

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#6 is an AC relay as well, I think it serves a cutout function.

Are you sure about that.  I have never seen #6 being used?
> >2) There is an A/C thermostat and microswitch marked on several wiring
> >diagrams I have seen.  But there is no reference to their existence
> > >anywhere
> >else in the Bentley or the Euro workshop manual I have obtained?
> IF they exist, they should be at the same place as the compressor clutch
> relay.

I think they are buried behind the glove box, attached to the condenser.

I think you mean the evaporator, but that's OK?

Remember, I consider all this stuff to be redundant extra weight, so I'm
not exactly an expert on AC!

******  I agree, I mean it serves no essential purpose other than to make
one cool, chew gas, and hurt the atmosphere.  Isn't that the 'Merican way?
-- ==== Colin

Huw Powell

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