Audi Mrktg Genious (was:1st A4 drive)

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Sat Jun 30 16:01:25 EDT 2001

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001, Derek Daily wrote:

> There ARE dealers out there refusing service on ANY
> part of a car just because suspension has been changed
> (for example).  They're obviously in the wrong and
> show the worst case...but many dealers are enforcing
> these notices very, very questionably...

The very key phrase is:
"we cannot honor warranty claims made for DAMAGE CAUSED BY SUCH
MODIFICATIONS or any consequential damage AS A RESULT OF ANY SUCH

(key parts in caps)

That is because federal law specifies that no car manufacturer can, say,
point to a chip and say "sorry, we can't fix your A/C, you've got a chip
in the ecu."

They can't, similarly, say "sorry, we can't fix the radio, you've got an
aftermarket suspension."

They CAN say "sorry, you're paying for those turbos, you had a chipped

They CAN say "sorry, you're paying for those cracked suspension mounts,
you installed solid mounts"

They CAN say "sorry, you're paying for those catalytic converters, you
installed a blowoff valve"

Get the idea?

Any dealer refusing to honor a warantee on unrelated vehicle parts because
of modifications to other unrelated parts, should be brought to the
attention of AoA's customer service staff at the 1-800 number.  If they
fail to act, contact your local attorney general's office.


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