ambient air pump: when is it turned on?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Sat Jun 30 17:11:02 EDT 2001

I think the aspirator fan runs whenever the climate control system is 
on.  For sure, it runs when the requested temperature on the CC head is 
greater than the ambient outdoors temperature.  Once the temp setting on 
the CC head is reached, the aspirator fan MAY cycle (someone suggested this 
possibility in an earlier discussion wrt replacing the fans with a GM 
product to avoid the Audi $$$$$ pricing).

At 03:45 PM 06/30/2001 -0400, Konstantin Bogach wrote:

>Hi listers.
>When is that sucker on? How to verify that it good without taking it out
>and applying power directly?
>I will appreciate your prompt answer while this matter holds me from
>putting dash back.
>Speedo's needle fluctuation is fixed. Bad contact was in soldering of
>the 2 pin connector leg.
>Thank you.
>Konstantin Bogach.

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