Brake Pad Wearage and what Rotors/Pads to Buy

Ryan Gemmill Gemmill3 at
Sat Jun 30 23:22:43 EDT 2001


A while ago (a little under a year, and probably 12-14K miles) I installed
my new Jurid brake pads on the front of my 1991 200 FWD with 212K miles
I purchased them from Rod at TPC.  Keep in mind the Jurids are OE and have
the sensor for Autocheck. So, I got a light from Autocheck today. I was
under the impression that pads lasted a little longer than 14,000 miles. Any
comments? Caliper problems? (Oh.. I drive fairly hard from time to time but
nothing riceboyish.)

Next... so regardless of how fast Jurids are supposed to wear I'm still
going to be in need of pads and rotors (they were about ready last time.)
I've been considering going to a cross-drilled rotor, possibly slotted, and
a good performace pad that won't have too much dust and won't die quickly.
Not Metal Masters. Though I do know that those three qualities are hard to
find together.

Well thanks in advance for any ideas. I do appreciate it.

Ryan Gemmill
Atlanta, GA
'91 200 fwd, 1.8 bar, Boge, K&N.

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