Bad day... NAC

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Thu Mar 1 00:06:29 EST 2001

This seems like something dreamed up by a film director but

Early this morning a guy set out in a Land Rover and trailer combination to
transport a Renault car cross-country to Manchester. Part way through his
journey he lost control of his vehicles which left the M62 motorway at a
point where there were no guard-rails and slid down an embankment on to the
main East Coast London-Scotland railway line.
He got out of the Land Rover and phoned the emergency services using his
mobile but within seconds a southbound passenger train 20 minutes out of
York and travelling at 125mph, hit the vehicles, derailed and skidded onto
the northbound track.
Moments later, a freight train heading north loaded with 1,000 tonnes of
coal, ploughed into the wreckage at 60mph.

13 dead.

I can't even start to imagine how that driver feels now - as for myself,
that south-bound passenger train just happens to be the one that I catch
when I visit my company's London office.

Jim Haseltine

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