Machining Piston to lower compression?

Stephen Bigelow sbigelow at
Thu Mar 1 08:59:39 EST 2001

CR= (V1+V2+V3+V4)/(V2+V3+V4)

Where V1 is calculated swept volume, V2 is deck height volume, V3 is head gasket volume, and V4 is combustion chamber volume.

Cutting pistons increases V2.

Steve Bigelow, who found that FIAT X1/9 combustion chambers are remarkably well balanced from the factory.


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  Anyone familiar with doing this?  Know how to calculate it or someone who 
  can?  I have a high compression motor I want to turbo charge, and want to 
  lower the compression this is an 82.5mm bore, so no low compression 
  pistons are available. 
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