One happy Audi Owner

Dave Hord spokes at
Thu Mar 1 22:38:33 EST 2001

Ahhh...the two weeks of hell are almost over.

I have:

Replaced both rear strut inserts.

Replaced both clutch master and slave cylinders

Replaced Pads, Rotors, and BOTH rear calipers.

Repaired damaged heat shielding

Now, when I get in the car it MOVES like it should. It does not bounce, sway or 
rock. It STOPS like it should (both rear calipers were siezed, barly working 
rear brakes (rust inside the pad grooves). WOW four wheel disc brakes are 
cool! :-)

And now, when I down-shift I don't get that catalytic converter vibrating off 
of heatshielding sound.

The car is fixed, the wallet and bank accounts are empty, but wow...I am a 
happy guy.


P.S. not to's snowing!!

There are two ways to live life.
I choose to no longer live in fear.

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