a few observations.

TheRingmeister at aol.com TheRingmeister at aol.com
Thu Mar 1 23:48:03 EST 2001

After 7 weeks at the dealerachip, I've noticed some strange things.  
One....approximately 250 or so of the 225hp TT roadsters were built with 
manual tops.  These are all supposed to have power tops standard.  Someone 
just all of a sudden realized this as they were in production...whoops, too 
late!  Audi gave price breaks of an additional $900 just to move them.  It 
seems, as we might have guessed, that they were all produced when? you 
guessed it, in Oktober!!!  hmmm....coincidence?
there are also a fair number of A6's without the immobilizer.  you know what 
it says on the sticker?  "Special Build without Immobilizer" (part of the 
anti-theft) ...they offer you a whopping $100 credit!  like they're doing you 
a favor......

 Last, we have a TT roadster (225hp) sitting on the lot right now without the 
"halo" alarm...the one that supposedly develops a field over the interior 
compartment and sets off the alarm if it senses someone trying to snatch 
something out of the car if you leave the top down..
why? we haven't figured that out, but there's just a blank where the button 
to disable it goes.
It's a wonder ANY of our cars are at all alike for any given model/year

Wylie Bean
TheRingmeister at aol.com
Audi Brand Specialist
Flow Motors, Inc
Winston-Salem, NC
'90 coupe' quattro
'99.5 A4 Avant Sport 1.8TqTiptronic

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