Huw Powell audi at
Fri Mar 2 12:52:39 EST 2001

> >> i have a 1986 coupe GT automatic .  i want to know if  one day i found
> >> a 4000 quattro for part.  can i switch the manual transmission and the
> >> differential to fit on my GT
> >>
> >> it is difficult?  can i fit any year on my 1986. if you have
> >> experience tanks to let me know.
> >
> >Sure, you'd need a lot of parts though.  drivetrain, of course.
> >floorpan.  front subframe.  entire rear suspension.  rear brake lines,
> >proportioning valve.  exhaust system.
> >
> >worth it, maybe if you also swap in a turbo engine... but not exactly a
> >weekend project.  More like a summer of weekends!
> >
> >Martin Pajak has done it, but he's crazy.
> In response to Mathieu's original question, could not a 4000q transmission
> go directly into a coupe, *IF* the rear diff lock was permanantly locked?
> This may give other gear ratio options to the coupe racers too...?

the shifter linkage won't work - which will probably require swapping
the tunnel to get the 4kq shifter mounting system.  Not saying don't try
it, but be prepared for a nightmare...

Huw Powell

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