Quattro 20 Years poster - incorrect listings?

Kwattro at aol.com Kwattro at aol.com
Fri Mar 2 15:28:31 EST 2001

Wow.  Just got the 20 years celebration poster from Audi.  Nice pictures, 
nice design.  Several misprints, though - all of which are interesting.  It 
has a 1990 coupe quattro listed - however, it's not a 1990 coupe quattro - 
more like an 84.  It has the four sealed beam headlights, which, to my 
knowledge, weren't available anymore after 85, right?  Someone correct me if 
I'm wrong.  It also lists a 80 or 90 DTM car as a V8 DTM, has a COUPE GT 
listed (how is this related to celebrating the quattro, I ask, although I am 
happy that I have a factory picture of one now..), and a few major models are 
missing - specifically, the S2 or 90 Coupe Quattro 20V, the 100 and 200 
quattros, and the 5000TQ, all of which surprise me.  Also, they list the 
Rally quattros as Sport Quattros, but the Sport Quattro raod car is missing.  
Too bad, but still a neat item.  Anyone else notice, or am I just nuts?

Carter J
Kwattro at aol.com

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