A6/S6 - upgrading to e-code headlamps

Lee M. Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sat Mar 3 15:25:40 EST 2001

I just ordered a set of e-code headlamps from pgperformance for my S6. I
have a quick question for anyone that's already done this upgrade.

Is this a plug and play upgrade or will I have to fabricate a wiring
harness? (I'll be running stock wattage bulbs, at least for now. I
understand that higher wattage bulbs requires relays inside the lamp assy.)

Any BTDTs with regard to removal and replacement of the headlamp buckets?

And finally, pgperformance offered me a set of optional clear side markers.
I assume that this is strictly a cosmetic upgrade, correct?

I may go for a second set at some point for my wife's A6...we'll see how
this first upgrade goes :)


'95.5 Audi S6 avant
'96 Audi A6 quattro avant

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