A6/S6 - upgrading to e-code headlamps

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 4 11:17:44 EST 2001

Lee M. Levitt wrote:

> I just ordered a set of e-code headlamps from pgperformance for my S6. I
> have a quick question for anyone that's already done this upgrade.
> Is this a plug and play upgrade or will I have to fabricate a wiring
> harness? (I'll be running stock wattage bulbs, at least for now. I
> understand that higher wattage bulbs requires relays inside the lamp

The installation is plug and play, Lee, if you use stock wattage bulbs.
Higher wattage bulbs do require relays due to the limited current-carrying
capacity of the OEM switches and wiring.

> Any BTDTs with regard to removal and replacement of the headlamp buckets?

Check out www.urs4.com which has a complete write-up under the Technical

> And finally, pgperformance offered me a set of optional clear side
> I assume that this is strictly a cosmetic upgrade, correct?

The clear side markers are a cosmetic option which came standard on the
European cars. I like the way they look on my S4, but YMMV.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  125k km

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