tahoe sighting!

Pat, Andrea & Theo Quinn threequinns at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 4 20:36:37 EST 2001

	>as usual, many sightings - lots of ur-s cars, and a cool
>	5k or 100/200 with those old old rims - fuchs?  same ones
>	steve b has on his urrkie.
>	BUT the cool sighting was a white urquattro, big aftermarket
	>rims, stickers on the sides.  obviously an enthusiast, and
	>i honked and pointed as i went by.  perhaps he noticed my
	>stock urq ronals being worn by my a4 avant.


He lives in Truckee, I have talked to him once at the Post Office. It is an 
'83, but I don't think he is a lister, he didn't even glance at my 90q w/ 
RS2 front bumper parked next to him.

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