Broke exhaust valves and 4ktq's (fwd)

Jörgen Karlsson jurg at
Tue Mar 6 01:25:48 EST 2001

Robert Beatty wrote:

> Been paying attention to this thread and wanted to ask some pointed
> questions about my 5ktq....
> As i have chipped it and will be putting in a free flowing
> exhaust, should i
> be looking at an aftermarket fuel delievery system as well to
> prevent engine
> self destruction?

I think that you should invest in an EGT meter, the combination of a VDO
probe and an Autometer gauge works very good. The autometer salesman will of
course tell you that only their probes can be used, but they are not
suitable in our application and they are extremely overpriced. VDO normally
delivers the quick probe with a 1/8"tip on a thicker probe body, you must
check that they do not deliver the slow probe that are around 5/16" thick
all the way. Getting the whole kit from VDO is not a good idea, I don't know
why but their meter is a lot slower then Autometers when using the same

It is easiest to install the probe after the turbo, we don't have much
choice on our cars.

If you see temperatures after the turbo that are higher then 1400ºF the
general rule is that you should back off the throttle. For example water
injection or the methanol injection kits I mentioned in an earlier mail is
often enough to get back on safe ground again.

I will put together a EFI kit for our engines soon, the 'top model' built on
my 80TQ is almost finished but I honestly think that it is to expensive. It
is somewhere around $2200 including everything. I have heard that the ecu
alone is priced around $2500 in the US! I will try to work out a combination
that give more bang for the $ when I do the install on the 200TQ.

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.

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