Lifter noise-Replacement

Dry Ridge Design dryridgedesign at
Mon Mar 5 21:39:21 EST 2001

There was some previous discussion about lifter noise in the I-5.  Many
people suggested additives such as Wynn's, MMO, etc.  I currently have the
noise on cold mornings until I reach a good operating temp and very
intermittently at other times.

Question 1, to the list - Has anyone had problems caused by using an
additive?  I will probably try this along with a few rapid interval oil
changes ( I just acquired this 4Ksq).  If this doesn't work i will have the
lifters replaced.  

Question 2 - What kind of costs (from my mechanic can I expect to have the
lifters replaced/noise cured?

BTW,  this is a GREAT car!  But I don't have to tell anyone here that.

Any info is appreciated.

Stefan Weir
85 4Ksq
82 diesel vdub Westy

(I bought the Audi b/c I needed something that went from 0-60 in less than
40 seconds)

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