Does anyone know anything about this car?

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Tue Mar 6 02:25:52 EST 2001


> >Subject: Re: Does anyone know anything about this car?

you didn't answer this one... ;)

> >ok..
> >quick question..
Singular? as in one?

> >i have the availability to likely purchase a used 2.3 for a
> >project i have in
> >mind...
can you get a number off the block? as in which 2.3 litre is it? NF?

> >2.3 w/MC head..
> >this will work?
Potentially see previous question to question

> >oil squirters..
> >just need to drill for oil lines correct?
Does the idea of drilling into a perfectly good engine block sound
attracctive to you?
Not to me, I think there are other alternatives.

> >sounds like time for a custom oil cooler......
or a used on from a 5k or 200

> >i know of a 2.5motor with a MC head...
rumour or first hand knowledge - a good machinist mechanic can
do almost anything, that doesn't mean it should be done, or was done.
The 2.5 is a turbo diesel if I'm not mistaken  - from a vanagon - I'll look
that up later

> >and i'm assuming the MC head will bolt up to a 2.3.. just need to lower
the CR?
> >or maybe not :)
Never use absolutes in a sentence (oops!) and never assume. ;)

> >any suggestions? BTDT's?
Find an MC complete that maybe just needs a rebuild, they're around...
Martin Pajak and others with UrQs, 4kqs and CGTs have saved much grief and
aggravation by grabbing an MC with ECU and wiring harness - believe me, the
other way - scratch build - will drive you insane!

> >TIA!
Your welcome!

> >rich
> >'86 4kq
Martin, me and a bunch of others went ice-racing on saturday - Martin came
in second place in his 4kq, he lost to a StageII+ modified S6 (285hp+)
driven by an ex-ice racer, was followed by a StageII modified S4, and then
me in my slightly modded 200TQ, followed by another couple of S4s and
others. That 4kq is a nice handling machine and would do nicely with an MC
motor. Do yourself a favour and find one complete as mentioned above. Then
you will have money and sanity left over to do some real performance mods on
it and the car. Just my $.02 cdn.


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

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